Martin Proctor, 1990
Cover by Martin Proctor, 1990
In 1980, Canadian and American Doctor Who fans formed the Doctor Who Information Network (DWIN). The first issue of their newsletter, Contact, included a request for fan fiction. Stories would be published in an anthology entitled "Myth-Makers."

During the course of the 1980s, the Myth Makers editorship changed hands several times. DWIN's newszine Enlightenment debuted in 1984, and editors appealed for fiction and art submissions in the Writers' Dept column. Fan artist Martin Proctor produced a cover in 1985 for Myth Makers #1, which editor Naomi Pardue reported that year as nearly ready for the printers.

Ultimately, a lack of submissions, stories lost in transition between editors, and university/work schedules all factored into the delay of the first issue.

Colleen Hillerup accepted the post of Myth Makers editor in late 1990. Previously, Colleen had helped get Enlightenment back on schedule. Thanks in part to a bumper trilogy by young fan writer James Bow and featuring a new colour cover by Martin Proctor, Myth Makers #1 was published in June 1991.

Despite the end of the original TV series in 1989, the 1990s were a fruitful decade for Doctor Who fiction, Myth Makers included. By 1998, new editor James Bow had produced seven issues of Myth Makers and three issues of Myth Makers Presents, featuring novel-length fiction. In addition to being a regular voice in Enlightenment, James posted requests for stories on GEnie's online message boards and Usenet newsgroups. Issues were laid out using desktop publishing software, and plentifully illustrated. To round out issues, James reprinted stories from other Doctor Who fiction fanzines and Internet archives.

For Doctor Who's 35th anniversary, James and Matt Grady co-edited Myth Makers Presents: Jade, a link-themed short story anthology in the style of Decalog and Short Trips. Matt then edited a further three issues of Myth Makers, with James acting as production co-ordinator.

Richard Salter and Scott Clarke succeeded Matt as Myth Makers co-editors in 2002, and produced three issues of Myth Makers and Myth Makers Presents: Essentials, celebrating 40 years of Doctor Who. Myth Makers #15, released in 2008, was co-edited by Scott and John Anderson.

Matt Grady returned with co-editor Andrew Kearley and layout editor Arnold T. Blumberg to produce Myth Makers #16, released in 2011, and later Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years, celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who.

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