Time Shadows

Unofficial, unauthorized Doctor Who short-story anthology benefiting the Enable Community Foundation

June 30, 2016
by coupeskidoo

Time Shadows – Order Now

Time Shadows, an unofficial, unauthorized Doctor Who short-story anthology for the benefit of the Enable Community Foundation. Check out the full list of authors and story teasers.

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August 17, 2016
by coupeskidoo

Donation Update

Since it’s publication in mid-June, Time Shadows has raised USD $451 for the Enable Community Foundation! Thanks to everyone who has purchased the book or e-book, and helped spread the word. If you enjoyed the anthology, we encourage you to tell other fans about it and to write a visitor post on our Facebook page with your thoughts about the stories. Thanks!

August 5, 2016
by coupeskidoo

Writer Interviews – Part 5 of 5

Final instalment of interview questions with the writers of Time Shadows. Thanks to all the writers for taking the time to offer their thoughts and anecdotes about writing for the anthology!

(Warning: minor spoilers ahead.)

What was the inspiration for your story?

Dale Smith: Britain has been having trouble remembering that immigration makes a country stronger. I thought the Doctor might have a more long-term view of things.

Christopher Colley (“After the Ball Was Over”): I wanted to evoke the Douglas Adams era of Doctor Who. If I asked you to summarize Douglas’s contribution, there’s a good chance you’d mention highbrow repartee on the River Cam, art galleries and Eleanor Bron. Now, in reality those are probably exceptions to the rule – the clutch of stories that Douglas script-edited ended up rather less… urbane than the few he wrote himself. But I wanted to reflect Douglas’s version of the show the way we remember it, rather than as it generally is. (Which is still brilliant, by the way.) So what more fitting scenario could there be than a cheese-and-wine evening aboard the TARDIS, with our hero playing host to a smorgasbord of legendary sophisticates? Of course, the Doctor being the Doctor, something has to go horribly wrong.

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