Time Shadows

a short-story anthology benefiting CODE

Time Shadows Vol 2: Commissioned Writers

Update… The second Time Shadows anthology is now in the second draft stage and will feature 25 stories penned by BBC Books, Short TripsSeasons of War and Time Shadows alumni, as well as talented newcomers:

Dale Smith (BBC Books, Short Trips)
Nick Walters (BBC Books, Bernice Summerfield)
Ian Farrington (Short TripsErimem)
Paul Sutton (Big Finish Audios)
Stephen Hatcher (Short TripsTime Shadows)
Josh Wanisko (Big Finish’s Short Trips competition winner)
Violet Addison & David N. Smith (Short TripsFaction Paradox)
Paul Williams (Short Trips)
Matt Grady (Short TripsMyth Makers)
Nick Mellish (Seasons of War, Obverse Books)
Paul Driscoll (Seasons of WarThe Black Archive)
Simon Brett (Seasons of WarYou and Who)
Daniel Tessier (Iris WildthymeShelf Life)
Greg Maughan (Iris Wildthyme)
Roger McCoy (Time Shadows)
Simon Blake (Time Shadows)
Stuart Roth (Time Shadows)
Anthony Wilson (Time Unincorporated)
Michael Gilroy-Sinclair (WhostrologyYou and Who)
Jenny Shirt (You and Who)
David Gibbons
Grace Haddon
Kate Coleman
Mark McManus

Tentative release date… Fall 2017

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