Time Shadows

a short-story anthology benefiting CODE

Time Shadows: Second Nature – Mid-Dec 2017


Coming Mid-December 2017

Artwork by Iain Robertson

Time Shadows: Second Nature is an unofficial, unauthorized Doctor Who short-story anthology for charity from Pseudoscope Publishing. It follows the first Time Shadows anthology, which has raised over USD $1,100 for charity since its release in summer 2016. All sales proceeds will be donated to CODE.


Everywhere he goes, the Doctor is confronted by mysteries and marvels, danger and delight. Along the way, the Doctor encounters a medieval knight in a supermarket; some time-displaced Vikings; a weapon from the Time War; a stain on his office carpet, which poses a threat greater than Bill can imagine; and so much more.

He brings hope to the oppressed; he never gives up and never gives in. To the Doctor, that is Second Nature.

Edited by Stephen Hatcher.

Foreword by John Peel.

Featuring stories by Violet Addison & David N. Smith, Simon Blake, Simon Brett, Ian K. Cimm, Kate Coleman, Paul Driscoll, Ian Farrington, David Gibbons, Michael Gilroy-Sinclair, Grace Haddon, Stephen Hatcher, Roger McCoy, Mark McManus, Greg Maughan, Stuart Roth, Jenny Shirt, Dale Smith, Paul Sutton, Daniel Tessier, Nick Walters, Joshua Wanisko, Paul Williams and Anthony Wilson.

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