Time Shadows

a short-story anthology benefiting the Enable Community Foundation


A great man is a torch in the darkness, a beacon in superstition’s night, an inspiration and a prophecy.

— Robert G. Ingersoll, “Voltaire”

Tipped off by a mysterious raven man, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara travel to Refuge, home of the last vestiges of life near the end of the universe. There, they discover an ancient, powerful Time Lord relic. No sooner does it activate, than new thoughts, new memories form in the Doctor’s mind: new adventures of all his past selves.

Someone or something is tampering with time, changing the destination of the TARDIS, and altering the Doctor’s past. He and Clara must travel into danger, into darkness to set things right.

Edited by Matt Grady with Samuel Gibb.

Foreword by Gary Russell.

Featuring stories by Violet Addison, John Anderson, David Black, Andrew Blair, Simon Blake, Christopher Colley, John Davies, Abel Diaz, R.P. Fox, Stephen Hatcher, Chris Heffernan, Ian Howden, Pete Kempshall, J.R. Loflin, Kevin Mason, Roger McCoy, David McLain, Christopher Olsen, John Peel, Stuart Roth, Dale Smith, David N. Smith, and Nick Walters.

Time Shadows is an unauthorized, unofficial Doctor Who short story anthology for charity from Pseudoscope Publishing, edited by Matt Grady with Samuel Gibb (Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years). All sales proceeds are donated to the Enable Community Foundation.

About the Enable Community Foundation

The Enable Community Foundation is changing how the needs of people with limb loss or difference are addressed. A tax exempt nonprofit, ECF is using 3D technology, open design and a web-based infrastructure to deliver more affordable, quality, sustainable prosthetic rehabilitative care to underserved populations of individuals.

The ECF aims to improve options for those with upper limb (UL) loss or differences worldwide by doing what no one else has attempted. We have developed forward leaning draft product specifications for hyper affordable prosthetics and are building tools and platforms, to support technology empowered cross-disciplinary teams in order to deliver scalable and sustainable, quality holistic prosthetic and  rehabilitation services for UL amputees. It is ECF ‘s goal to provide sustainable systems for adoption by local care providers and other NGO’s working in high need regions. By combining evidence based resources, education, training and capacity building; web accessible open source tools and innovative solutions grounded in 3D technologies with established e-health protocols and SMS to address the shortage of prosthetists and rehabilitation experts in under-resourced areas with high unmet needs.

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About Pseudoscope Publishing

Pseudoscope Publishing publishes genre fiction short-story anthologies. Launched in 2015 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we publish stories we’d be excited to read ourselves!