Time Shadows

a short-story anthology benefiting CODE


Online reviews of Time Shadows 1

Trap One blog: “This is a great collection of short stores, with a really epic story running through the individual entries.”

Daniel Tessier’s Immaterial blog: “As with many collections of this nature, Time Shadows has a framing story. However, while most such stories are contrived and often quite ineffective, ‘A Torch in the Darkness’ is one of the best Doctor Who stories I’ve read in a long time.”

Kara Dennison @ (Re)Generation Who: “Even leaving aside that it’s for a good cause, this anthology is definitely worth your money. It brings a degree of cleverness to the collaborative anthology format that, while present in other books, is exercised in a truly ingenious way here.”

Jolyon Drake in Cosmic Masque Issue 3 (p. 34-35): “What you like and dislike will marry up with how you feel about the show, because every era is represented by an author who clearly cares about and knows how to capture the feeling of the TARDIS team they have taken on.”

Mentioned in Doctor Who Magazine Issue 503 (p. 6)!