Time Shadows

a short-story anthology benefiting LimbForge


“A Torch in the Darkness I: The Only Warmth in a Cold Universe” by Dale Smith

The last people in the universe sit alone in a room, waiting for the heat to fade away. There is a knock on the door… Who will save them?

“Time’s Shadow” by Simon Blake

Back at the very beginning, the Doctor has crash-landed on 23rd November 1963. After their recent travels, teachers Ian and Barbara finally find themselves back at an old, familiar junkyard. It is an hour before their original departure, only there is one disturbing difference: their original selves are not there.

“Someone Took the Words Away” by Roger McCoy

The near future. Near-earth orbit. The Ninth Doctor. Rose. A terrible secret. An enemy like none they’ve met before. Will the Doctor give up the last vestiges of his home to save his best friend? A story that will leave you speechless.

“Dying Time” by John Peel

Exploring an empty spaceship, the Eighth Doctor discovers an urgent threat to the Time Lords – and an immediate threat to himself.

“Visitor from Space!” by J.R. Loflin

In 1950s rural America, extraterrestrial life exists! Descending from the heavens, it makes itself known to Jed, a typical American farmboy! What is it? What does it want? Most importantly, why will Jed go to any lengths to defend it from the war hero once known as the Doctor!?

“Inertia” by Pete Kempshall

Tasked by UNIT to solve a bizarre murder, the Doctor and Liz learn they’re facing a menace of the Time Lord’s own making. But as they near the source of the trouble, one thing becomes clear: if you stop moving, you’re as good as dead…

“A Torch in the Darkness II: A Legendary Hero”,“A Torch in the Darkness III: Medusa” & “A Torch in the Darkness IV: The End of a Legend” by Violet Addison & David N. Smith

When the First Doctor meets Perseus, the legendary Greek hero, he makes a terrible mistake. It is an error in judgment which his future-self cannot allow. Now, the Twelfth Doctor must embark on a perilous mission back into his own past, to confront and stop his own earlier incarnation…

“The Storm Eaters” by Christopher Olsen

Arriving in Philadelphia, 1752, the Doctor and Rose encounter Benjamin Franklin who is about to conduct his historic kite experiment. However, sinister forces are at work in the house where the three have taken up lodgings and the Doctor soon realises that the next storm could well be the city’s last…

“The People in the Wood” by Stephen Hatcher

The building of the motorway network is transforming Britain, but something lives in the path of the latest road to be built. Can the Doctor, Liz Shaw and UNIT solve the mystery of The People in the Wood?

“The Neither” by Ian Howden

Chowdikar House, the most haunted house in Britain, now owned by famous psychic and medium Justin Becquerel. Sarah Jane Smith is invited to a seance at the house, and brings along a troubled Mike Yates, adrift after leaving UNIT. Will the spirits and Mike finally find peace?

“Iron Joe” by Abel Diaz

The Sixth Doctor and Peri are aboard the recently inaugurated Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. However, the train is soon assailed by bandits, including one whose legend has spread all over the west. An unstoppable man of metal known only as “Iron Joe”.

“The Redemption of Vequazon” by Nick Walters

Over the course of his many lives the Doctor has vanquished many foes. The universe is littered with defeated warlords lusting for brutal revenge. Lord Vequazon, Supreme Commander of the Nixxine Horde, is one such. Imprisoned, he dreams of escape, and of finding and torturing the being who bested him. What are the chances, then…?

“Indigo” by David McLain

The Doctor and Ian are taken back to to the 1920’s, where the encounter a shape shifting alien looking to change the Doctor’s personal history. Can they reverse the changes before the damage is done? Sometimes it’s the smallest trips that have the biggest effects on our lives.

“Close to Home” by R.P. Fox

Two disparate races have existed cooperatively on Metraisos for longer than anyone can remember. One uses the centuries-long arrangement for enrichment – the other for survival. When the Doctor mistakenly arrives, looking for the famed waterfalls of Soltraisos, he discovers a species entrapped by their own biology, and a crisis that could bring down another, millions of miles away.

“Straight on Till Morning” by Chris Heffernan

The Doctor and Mel visit AmazingWorld!, a theme park with sixteen state-of-the-art animatronic theme zones from childrens’ stories such as Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, and Groofus the Moofus! But why has the park been shut down?

“After the Ball Was Over” by Christopher Colley

Don’t you hate it when a party goes wrong? A reception aboard the TARDIS turns sour when the Doctor serves up a recipe for disaster. As he and Romana race to save their guests, the Doctor faces the consequences of his actions. The party’s over; the piper must be paid.

“Confirmation Bias” by Andrew Blair

“There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought.”

“Circular Logic” by Stuart Roth

The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara have just begun their adventures together. Trust and companionship are still a long way off for the four travellers. Ian and Barbara decide to explore the TARDIS on their own, and the crusty time traveler intends to teach them a lesson.

“Mixed Signals” by David Black

Sanity is in short supply on the planet Bantrak. Can the Doctor and Nyssa survive a visit without losing theirs?

“They Keep Killing Daniel Harley” by John Anderson

For Daniel Harley, it’s just the end of another day at the office. But Daniel is already dead, killed a thousand light years away on the front line of the Kosnax war. The Doctor and Ace must reconcile these two events and discover why they keep killing Daniel Harley.

“Kingdom of the Blind” by Kevin Mason

The TARDIS materializes on a seemingly derelict ship, tumbling through space and rushing towards oblivion. The Doctor, Steven and Sara must contend with ghosts of the past and portents of the future as they confront the hidden dangers of the craft’s darkened corners.

“A Torch in the Darkness V: Nightlight” by Christopher Colley

The hunt for the Alpha TARDIS careers towards an uncertain end. The Doctor meets the mysterious John Howe while Clara is forced to confront her childhood nightmares. As the friends plunge ever deeper into darkness, they uncover the truth about what lies in the shadows when all the lights go out.